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The digital transformation of the healthcare sector is one of the greatest challenges we are facing globally. 

My passion is to help my clients embrace this challenge by turning bold strategies into valuable products. 

David is a digital health founder, product strategy advisor & startup mentor. with a big heart for building products that solve real problems with deep tech, AI, mobile and voice. 

David has 10+ years of experience in the healthcare sector as a digital strategist, product leader and transformation manager. As the founder of North Star Labs, he serves as mentor to a variety of healthcare startups and as advisor to grownup companies, based in or looking to enter the European market.

Prior to working in healthcare, David was working for North American consulting companies and advised numerous multi-national companies in the telco and media industries. He helped well-known brands establish and transform their digital business. He worked across strategy development, program management, business analysis and account management. 

David schärf



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